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How to get your rental home to stand out in the Lavallette Real Estate market

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When it comes to beach rentals, the market is flooded.  How do you get your home to stand out in the Lavallette real estate market?  Marketing, marketing, marketing.  Vacation rental homes are becoming more popular over hotel stays so in order to compete, you need to know how to sell your home to potential renters and how to keep them coming back season after season.

  • Value – People want to feel like they are getting a great deal no matter the situation.  If you can ensure that the value of your rental home outweighs its rental price, you should have no problem getting bookings.  Offer amenities, invest in high end items, and make people feel at home.  When you splurge for durable luxury items, you’ll easily get a return on your investment.  Don’t just look at what other rentals are going for and try to undercut them.  You don’t want to be cheap; you want to be valuable.  Go the extra mile.  Provide features that other homes don’t.  Offer bicycles, have a home manual describing everything renters need to know about your home and the Lavallette area, stock your home with games and books, and keep your home clean.

  • Photos – When it comes to your rental listing, make it count.  No one is going to look twice at a blurry photo even if it showcasing the best thing about your house.  Invest in having professional photos taken by a photographer familiar with the Lavallette real estate market.  They can help you showcase your home in a way that will have the renters lining up.  Keep your photos fresh and updated.  Videos are a great marketing tool as well.  Provide a home tour video on your listing and invest in drone footage of the property that emphasizes all the best features of the property.  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • Listing – The truth is king when it comes to describing your rental home.  Renters are most concerned with being lied to so make sure you are giving great detail regarding your home, but don’t over indulge any details that may be misleading.  Start with a great title for your listing.  Stay away from including lots of particulars, but instead, be precise.  Pick one highlight of your house and make it your selling point.  Select something that makes your home stand out from the others and use that to grab renter’s attention.  Once you’ve got their attention, then you can list all the special amenities, details regarding house size and number of rooms, and the property specifics.   

When it comes to Lavallette real estate, the market is flooded with great homes.

Work with a trusted realtor like Birchler Realtors to get your home to the top of the must-see list and you’ll have no problem getting bookings and increasing your revenue.  When you provide a positive rental experience for people, they are more likely to return year after year and tell all their friends and family about the great rental they had in Lavallette.

Professional Staging Helps Rentals Attract Attention in the Lavallette Real Estate Market

In the vibrant and competitive rental market of Lavallette, New Jersey, where the demand for distinctive vacation rentals is high, making a property stand out is both crucial and challenging. Professional staging is a vital strategy in this context. It provides numerous advantages that can significantly boost a rental property's appeal. This technique involves carefully designing and furnishing a home to highlight its best attributes, enabling potential renters to envision themselves relaxing in the space. Through professional staging, even the simplest property can be transformed into an inviting and appealing home.


One of the key benefits of professional staging in markets like Lavallette's is its ability to create a strong first impression. Staging accentuates a property's strengths while downplaying any less desirable aspects, allowing renters to concentrate on the space's possibilities rather than its flaws. Moreover, professional staging tackles the issue of spatial visualization by providing potential renters with a clear idea of how rooms are best utilized. It showcases how to optimize space, improve functionality, and boost the aesthetic appeal of each area. This is particularly important in the Lavallette rental market, where making the most of the available space in beachside homes is key to attracting top-tier renters. By presenting a property in the best possible light, staging can significantly decrease vacancy periods and possibly command a higher rental price.


In a competitive rental landscape like that in the Lavallette real estate market, professional staging is an essential tool for landlords and property managers looking to make their property attract attention. It not only elevates the home's attractiveness through thoughtful design but also plays a critical role in emotionally engaging potential renters. All of this ultimately leads to quicker occupancy and enhanced rental returns.

A neutral living room in a Lavallette real estate rental home
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