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10-0-2 Lawn Food is What You Need to Buy

10-0-2 Lawn Food product image with portion of label zoomed in on which readsy Safer Play 10-0-2 Lawn Food with Crebgrass Prevention. This image is on a picture of a green lawn being mowed by a push mower.

Once you have an established lawn, whether it was started by seed or sod, fertilizing, weed, and pest control are all important for its maintenance. Fertilizing the lawn with an appropriate fertilizer is what will keep your lawn lush and green. Weed and pest control will help protect it from external factors looking to take over your lawn. What product and how you use it are important because these products are often being used in highly populated areas. Additionally, what you put on your lawn goes into the environment. The best way to maintain a healthy lawn is to maintain a healthy earth. One easy thing all lawn care technicians and homeowners alike can do is choose products that are not harmful to the environment. When it comes to fertilizer, 10-0-2 Lawn Food sold by Tech Terra Environmental is what you need to buy.

What the Numbers in 10-0-2 Lawn Food Mean

On all lawn fertilizer bags, regardless of brand, regardless of type, there should be prominently displayed, a series of three numbers. What these numbers indicate are the percent by volume included in the mix of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (Ph), and Potassium (K). So, the Branch Creek Lawn Food with Crabgrass Shield 10 0 2 has 10% Nitrogen, no Phosphorus, and 2% Potassium per bag. A balanced fertilizer would have a label where all these numbers are equal, or 10-10-10 for example. In this example, a 50-pound bag will be 5-pounds (or 10%) each of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. The rest of the package contains ingredients designed to help disperse the product and provide additional benefits. Depending on what is wrong with your lawn, or what your environment is like, determines what type of fertilizer you need.

How Fertilizer Works

A lawn food with a high first number, or a high Nitrogen content, is excellent at greening-up a lawn.  An easy way to remember what each chemical does in lawn food is to think up, down, and all-around. So, Nitrogen works at helping the portion of the lawn that is above ground. It boosts the health and green-ness of the blades of grass. Phosphorus, on the opposite end, helps promote a strong root system. This can be important for fruit bearing plants and blooming flowers. Lastly, Potassium helps strengthen the plant all-around. Strengthening the plant from the cell-level up assists it in warding off diseases and stress. Knowing what each portion does can help you decide what type of fertilizer is best for your lawn. A balanced fertilizer is generally good to use no matter what as it helps all areas equally.

Why 10 0 2 Lawn Food is So Popular

Being aware that Nitrogen is what helps a lawn become and stay green, it is easy to see why 10-0-2 lawn food is what a lot of turf care workers use. With the main goal of this particular fertilizer being to produce a lush, healthy lawn, it is an added bonus that it is incredibly safe as well. This Branch Creek product is part of the Safer Play family and is also a part of the Branch Creek Regenerative Turf System. These products are all organic, effective, and safe. 10 0 2 lawn food, in particular, includes no harsh ingredients meaning there is no restriction for re-entry after application. No delay of games, no risk of making pets sick, and great results are just part of what makes this lawn food so popular.

10-0-2 Lawn Food with Crabgrass Prevention is Effective

Aside from being super safe, 10 0 2 lawn food is also super effective. With proper application, this lawn food not only keeps lawns lush and green, it stops crabgrass in its tracks. The main ingredient in this product is corn gluten meal which is a highly powerful at stopping crabgrass from being able to form roots. It is only useful, however, as a pre-emergent. As a result of how this product works, it only prevents roots from forming, but does not kill them once established. This is why following all the instructions on the label is essential to success. Another important item to note is that the soil temperature must be 55°F or above for at least three days. Abiding by a few simple rules allows this product to do exactly what it is meant to. The result will always be a healthy green lawn.

10-0-2 Lawn Food Will Give You Results

The simple answer to the question why is, because it works. There is a longer answer. This includes because it is safe for people and animals. Additionally, it is safe for the environment and is beneficial as well because it breaks the cycle of chemical dependency. The use of toxic ingredients can trigger the need to use more chemicals. The more chemicals used, the more chemicals are needed to continue to support the plant. When balance is restored to the soil and the environment, the need for chemicals goes away. That is why using products like 10-0-20 lawn food is the right choice.

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