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Custom Home Builder in Ocean County Prefers Sustainable Materials

custom home builder in ocean county builds green using sustainable materials

It can’t be denied that the construction industry is a major contributor to green house gasses and it seems like there is constant construction of new homes happening in Ocean County NJ. Thankfully, many builders are aware of the problem and are taking steps to improve their practices. One way many companies are addressing it is with the use of sustainable materials in all their builds. Just as with organic gardening, prior to green building materials becoming more popular, they were also significantly more expensive. Plus, options were limited. Today, however, the technologies of recycling, renovation, and reuse of materials has improved and expanded the industry greatly. The best custom home builder in Ocean County that is concerned with using sustainable materials now has choices that range from reclaimed pieces to mushrooms.

Recycled Materials are Favorites of Custom Home Builder in Ocean County

One of the most popular recycled materials that home builders have fallen in love with is recycled plastic insulation. This material uses recycled PET bottles, is itch free, sustainable, and very lightweight which reduces shipping costs. Along with being a cost-effective option, it is also free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). While this is one of the newer materials on the market, it is certainly one to keep an eye on.

For builds that call for it, brick is a quality home building material. Builders wishing to go the sustainable route have two options when it comes to brick. One option is reclaimed brick. This are bricks removed from one location where they are no longer in use to a new location. Just like reclaimed wood, reclaimed bricks can add character and interest to a custom home. Recycled bricks are an entirely different material. This process actually breaks down old bricks into a powder. This powder is then used to create new bricks. Recycled bricks don’t only save bricks from going into landfills, but also reduce the need to mine for new sand materials.

One other material that is becoming more and more popular to recycle is steel. Almost every custom home builder in Ocean County that wants to build sustainably will eventually use recycled steel. Unlike other items, recycling steel never affects the integrity of the material. It can be recycled again and again and again and retain the same quality. In reality, much of the steel that is on the market nowadays is already a recycled product.  

Sustainable Flooring Products Have Been Popular for Some Time

One of the first areas of custom home building that adopted the use of sustainable materials is flooring. While the market for green flooring is continuously expanding, two of the materials that were first popular still top the list.

Cork is considered a sustainable product because harvesting cork does not kill the tree, but rather only removes some of the bark. The areas where bark has been removed regrows within three years making cork a very renewable resource. It’s one thing to want to use green materials, but homeowners want visually pleasing interiors too. Cork delivers on both these demands, plus it has so many other great qualities. For residents that suffer from allergies, cork is a wonderful building material. It naturally resists mold and mites in addition to a number of other allergens. It also absorbs sound, is comfortable to stand on, and also is resistant to fire.

The other top sustainable flooring material that almost everyone is familiar with is bamboo. Although this material has broken its way into all other areas of a home, flooring is where it started. Bamboo is a famously fast-growing, maturing in as little as 5 years because it is a grass. Trees, on the other hand, take decades to be large enough to harvest. When it comes to making a beautiful floor, nothing compares to the grain and texture of bamboo. In addition to being a gorgeous finished product, it is also very durable making it perfect for a pet-friendly home.

Mushrooms are Changing the Custom Home Building Game

One of the newest products to arrive on the green building scene is Mycelium. These mushroom roots have been proven to be stronger than concrete. While incredibly strong, it can also be molded into any shape needed. This material can be used for furniture, bricks, and even outdoor facades. Not only is it sustainable to harvest, it is also 100% biodegradable. Lastly, similar to other green building materials, Mycelium is fireproof and non-toxic. Any quality custom home builder in Ocean County would be excited to complete a project that uses this up-and-coming sustainable building material.

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