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Why your custom home builder in Ocean County NJ will tell you to add more windows

Custom home builder in Ocean County shows window with sun shining in

Do you know how effective natural light is at boosting your mood, helping you sleep, and generally helping you live your best life?  By choosing Monetti Custom Homes as your custom home builder in Ocean County NJ, you have the ability to select the number and size of the windows in your home. 

Everybody knows the comfort of a soft warm breeze in the spring time.  A custom home builder in NJ can help you select the best location for your windows to allow those breezes to flow through your home.  Plus, more windows, more natural light, less energy consumption.  With the addition of more windows you don’t need to have so many artificial lights on during the day and it can help decrease the need to use your heating and air conditioning so much.  Fresh air provided by open windows is known to increase the flow of oxygen through your body.  Increased oxygen flow provides multiple benefits for your overall health including better digestion, increased serotonin, and improved blood pressure. 

Building a home on the shore?  Who doesn’t love a great sunset?  Choose west facing floor to ceiling widows or glass doors that allow the beauty of the sunset glow in and around your home.  The soft glow of a sunset in the evening provides the perfect lighting for a casual family dinner, a romantic dinner for 2, and is perfect for just about any setting.

Natural light benefits children and young adult’s vision by helping the eyes produce dopamine.  By adding more windows to your home, you are effectively helping your child reduce their risk of nearsightedness and you are counteracting the effects of computer, tablet, and phone screens on their eyes.  With people exposing themselves to more and more screen time, talk to your custom home builder in NJ to add more windows to your home.  It’s the easiest way to reduce the harmful effects of artificial light and reduce eye strain.

Natural light has also been proven to help ward off mental strains like Season Affective Disorder, migraines, and restless sleep patterns.  Exposing yourself to higher levels of natural sunlight helps increase your production of Vitamin D, an essential mineral that benefits many things such as bone health, immune health, and has also been shown to influence the brain in many ways.  It has been recorded that exposing yourself to natural light, especially in the early mornings, helps you sleep better at night.  By working with your custom home builder in NJ, you can select the best locations for all your windows to boost the power of natural light easily.

The addition of windows also increases your homes curb appeal.  While resale value your custom home is probably not high on your list of things to worry about, having the best-looking house on the block should be! 


Planning alongside your custom home builder in Ocean County NJ, you can design a house that you’ll be proud to call home.

Monetti Custom Homes, a custom home builder in Ocean County NJ, is here to help you design and build a home that not only looks great, but is good for you too!

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