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All about Forked River Chimney Service

Forked River chimney service freplace, fireplace with white rug in front

Ever wonder what the deal is with chimney service?  Who does it?  What is it?  Why do you need to have it done?  Forked River chimney service is extremely important for any household that has a chimney that is in use.  Everyone knows how dangerous fire can be, but some of us take the safety of our fireplaces and wood-burning stoves for granted.  No matter how safe you are when you use a wood-burning stove, your chimney still needs an annual inspection by a professional Forked River Chimney Service company.

To understand the importance of Forked River Chimney Service, you need to understand how fire works

We all know that wood does not spontaneously combust when we place it in a fireplace.  You actually need fire to start a fire.  Fire needs oxygen and fuel to burn.  Using a match or lighter (in most cases), you can light some fuel, like wood, in order to start a fire that is able to produce heat.  Once the fuel is burning, you can add larger pieces of wood to your fire in order to maintain the blaze.  When the wood catches fire, it will reach very high temperatures.  At 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the cellulose material in wood begins to break down.  The result of this is smoke which is actually the release of volatile gases from the burned wood.  Smoke contains a lot of chemicals and gases, but the visible smoke that we see being emitted from a fire is mostly carbon and ash.  These compounds can stick to anything around it, which in terms of a fireplace or stove is going to be the inside of your chimney.

Many households use a fireplace or wood-burning stove as their primary source of heat in the winter.  There are many safety steps that should be taken in regards to the stove itself, but also in terms of what to burn and how.  When you do not burn appropriate items in your fireplace or wood-burning stove, your risk of dangerous side effects is greatly increased.  Burning wet or unseasoned wood can result in a large amount of smoke which is not only dangerous for your chimney by leaving a lot of creosote in your chimney, but it is also very risky for your family.   Never put painted or otherwise treated wood in a fire.  The paints and treatments when burned can release toxic chemicals when burned.  Paper is ok to put in your fire as long as it does not contain colored ink.  While it can be tempting to use an accelerant in your fireplace to get it started, this is extremely dangerous and should never be done.  These items can cause your fire to burn hotter and faster than your chimney is safely capable of handling.

Even if you do everything right, your chimney is still a household item that should be inspected regularly by a Forked River Chimney Service

Prior to its use each year, you should contact a company that provides Forked River chimney service so you can be sure that your fireplace or wood-burning stove is safe to use.  When chimneys are not examined routinely, creosote buildup can cause fires in your chimney. The National Fire Protection Association states that about thirty percent of house fires are due to chimney fires.  By calling in a professional Forked River chimney service, you are taking a very important step in keeping your home and your family safe.

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