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What to look for in a dog trainer in Wayne, NJ


Live in Wayne, NJ and you just got a puppy?  Have an adult dog that is starting to show some behavior issues?  Has your home life changed and your dog is not adjusting well?   Finding an appropriate dog trainer to help can be a daunting task.  What should you look for?

  • Availability – Obviously many people work outside of the home so finding a trainer that works with or fits into your schedule is going to top the list.  A dog trainer can’t help you and your dog if your schedules don’t mesh.

  • Facility – While training in your home may seem like the right or easy answer, it may not always be the case.  Lots of dogs with behavior issues need to be exposed to new sites, sounds, and smells so that they can be taught how to properly process new environments.  Puppies need to have new experiences, meet new people, and learn new things as soon as possible in order to avoid having an anxious, fearful dog as an adult.  Having a dog behave well in your home is one thing, but having a dog that can behave properly anywhere is priceless. 

  • Variety – Training with your dog should never stop.  Just like us, your dogs want to continue to learn and develop as they age.  Don’t think of your dog being “trained” just because they completed a puppy class.  Look for a trainer that has some advanced classes as well.  Don’t just be happy with a good dog, strive to have a great dog!  Sometimes obedience isn’t enough.  If your dog struggles with confidence and is fearful in different situations, agility courses and equipment can do a world of good.  A proper dog trainer will have equipment like this available and may even have full agility courses and classes.


  • Experience and Education – Anyone can say they’re a dog trainer.  Don’t put your furry family member in the hands of your neighbors cousin just because they’ve had dogs all their lives and they’re “good with dogs.”  Put your trust in someone who has the education and credentials to properly care for you and your pet. 


Dog trainers don’t just train your dog, they help you interact with your dog on a whole new level.  Obedience training with your dog can elevate your relationship, increase bonding time, and give you the happy, healthy relationship you both deserve.  If you're looking for a great dog trainer in Wayne, NJ, call around to find the perfect one and get your furry friend signed up for a class today!

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