Identify Sinusitis NJ

If you have chronic sinus issues or suspect you have Sinusitis NJ, you should visit Atlantic ENT. With a few simple questions, we hope to help you identify the problem and, more importantly, identify a potential way to fix the problem for the long term. Read out to find out more:

1) How can I tell if I have Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is the term for an inflammation of the sinus lining. This is a sometimes chronic condition that can cause some discomfort and difficulty breathing, as well as an increased chance of infections. People suffering from chronic infections and discomfort may see worsening symptoms if the sinus opening is blocked by swelling. In some cases sinusitis can be a short-term condition that often passes on its own or with medication. Some patients, however, suffer from chronic sinusitis, which causes them to experience a repeating cycle of blockages and infections that worsen over time.

2) What is balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a non-invasive procedure to used to assist with alleviating chronic sinus problems like sinusitis. In this procedure, a tiny balloon is inserted into the sinus cavity with a catheter. The balloon is then slowly inflated in order to open the sinus cavity. This aids in opening any blockage. The procedure requires no incisions, blood loss, or damage to bone or tissue. The procedure is typically finished in about an hour, and can often let you to get back to work in as little as a day.

3) What symptoms will I experience with sinusitis?

If you are suffering from sinusitis, you will often experience tenderness around the eyes or nose, some facial pain, as well as increased breathing difficulty through the nose, sinus headaches, some mucus discharge, and other symptoms. If your suffering continues for an extended period of time, your symptoms could worsen and may even lead to other conditions.

4) Is balloon sinuplasty a permanent fix for my problem?

First, it’s important to remember that no two people are exactly alike, so there is no for certain answer to this question. That said, it’s safe to say that in most instances the answer is yes, balloon sinuplasty offers a permanent fix to chronic sinusitis issues. By moving the tissues that cause the problems in the first place, this procedure all but guarantees that reoccurrences of Sinusitis NJ will be infrequent and minimal.

5) How did they used to treat chronic sinusitis?

At one time, invasive surgery was the only surefire way of providing long-term relief to people suffering from chronic sinusitis. Tissue and bone would be removed during this procedure in order to provide a larger sinus opening, which helps with preventing blockage. Advances in balloon sinuplasty, though, now mean that some patients no longer need to have invasive surgery.

6) Can my doctor perform this procedure?

Probably not. Even if you have been seeing your normal doctor for your sinusitis, you may need to see a specialist for balloon sinuplasty because doctors must be certified to perform the procedure. Speak to your general practitioner about receiving a referral.

Think you may have Sinusitis NJ and want a solution? Reach out to your doctor to learn more!