Manahawkin Dental Office Recommends The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

It may be surprising to learn this, but your Manahawkin dentist will confirm that it’s true: a stunning number of patients do not brush their teeth the correct way. It’s true, and any Manahawkin dentists office will tell you the same.

This aspect of our daily routine may seem like it should be something easy and simple to do and quite difficult to get wrong, but the truth is that even the best of us can start to pick up bad habits over the years. Once those bad habits are formed, they can be very hard to break.

And believe us, bad brushing habits can make your efforts to maintain good oral hygiene far less effective.

Thankfully, you’re reading this article, which means you’re about to get the good information you need to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Brush twice a day, three times if possible – In the morning after you wake up and at night just before bed are essential times to brush your teeth, as those times help best target when bacteria are there running amok. Also consider brushing after meals, especially if you’ve eaten acidic foods, sweets, or food and drink that can stain your teeth.

Brush for two minutes each brushing session – The basic rule of thumb is to brush for two minutes. This affords you enough time to get all corners of your mouth, scrubbing away the nasties that might do damage to your teeth over time.

Don’t brush too hard; it can damage your enamel – Believe it or not, you don’t want to be too aggressive when it comes to brushing. Instead, use gentle strokes. You’re looking to scrub away bacteria and food waste, not scrape off your tooth enamel.

Use short strokes – short, swift strokes are ideal, as they focus your energy on specific sections of your mouth. Long strokes make it too easy to miss spots, and when that happens bacteria and plaque can get a foothold in your mouth.

Don’t forget the tongue! Your tongue can be a haven for bacteria and is often a cause for bad breath, so be sure to brush it! Brush gently – you shouldn’t have pain – but do so thoroughly. A nice, clean tough not only gives you a nicer appearance, it’s good for your oral health.

A good way to make sure your tooth brushing is efficient and effective is to mentally divide your mouth into four sections: bottom left, bottom right, top left, and top right. Now you’ve got specific areas to target.

Brush each section for 30 seconds. Don’t brush too hard. Instead, use short, gentle strokes and swirls. Make this into a part of your daily routine. Do this two to three times per day, and your Manahawkin dentist will begin to think you’ve suddenly mastered the art of brushing – because you have!

With good habits like these, you’ll not only save money on your dentist visits and cleanings, you’ll also live a happier, healthier life with more confidence.